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The debut novel of Emmalena L. Ellis, Ginsterpigs is a slice of life comedy romance detailing the many adventures of life and love - beginning and ending at a bus stop.

Ginsterpigs (Hardback Edition)

  • ‘Ginsterpigs’ is a modern love story for everyone, but its teller FRANK is not an every-man. Love is an emotion that is usually reserved for someone special. It is a rush of unique and uncanny feelings like rereading your favourite book for the fifty-eighth time. The touch of a newborn baby laying their still tiny newly formed fingers against your hand. The thudding of adrenaline as you weave and dance in the mosh pit of a live band. Or the adventures and misadventures you have with friends. Or even your pet guinea pig who snuggles up to you after a long day at work.  It is NOT a bubblegum pink-haired artisan, almost a quarter of your age younger, sporting cheap cigarettes and expensive combat boots. But who said love made sense anyway?'


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