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About the Author

Emmalena L. Ellis, was raised in Hertfordshire, UK by a single mother, her grandparents and uncle. She began writing aged four, before continuing to win creative writing cups and prizes at school, before going on to study at Keele University, where she gained a BA Hons in English and American 


An alumnus of the arts she has performed as a child in both Cantate Youth Choir, SNAP theatre, and both studies in singing, piano, harp and her LAMDA awards.

Venues in which she had previously performed include the Royal Albert Hall, The Millennium Dome, the Basillica of St Francis of Assisi; and Stortford’s very own South Mill Arts Centre and the Harlow Playhouse.


She has also travelled with highlighted trips to Iceland, Pompeii and Bulgaria. However, her novels find themselves routed firmly within the British Isles, with a playful mix of contemporary and fantastical settings within the county borders. 

In her spare time she enjoys collecting vintage dresses, cooking, baking, reading and people watching; or engaging in intellectual conversation with cats.

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